Welcome to Stepping Stones Sittingbourne.

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Stepping Stones Nursery


At Stepping Stones Sitting bourne we offer a homely atmosphere alongside a safe and nurturing environment in which to learn.

Welcome to Stepping Stones Sittingbourne.

We are an established privately owned nursery which came under the current owner in June 2023. We provide care for children aged 2 years to school age.

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday.  Session times are 8.45 am to 3.15 pm, 8.45 am – 12noon or 12noon -3.15pm term time only.

We pride ourselves on our welcoming home from home atmosphere, where the children can play and learn in a safe and nurturing environment. We work hard to maintain a fun and accessible environment that stimulates the growth of our children through play. We welcome families from all cultural and religious backgrounds, and believe that our children’s families are their first educators, building strong family relationships are firmly embedded in our ethos.

Tunde Oyefolu-Alukwu is our Manager as of 2023, with a dedicated and passion professional for the childcare industry, and over 15 years of experience

``We are extremely proud of our team, whose dedication and passion for nurturing children to reach their full potential are truly remarkable. When hiring, we prioritize not just qualifications and experience, but also personal qualities like enthusiasm, motivation, and an authentic love for children.``.


“We are incredibly proud of our staff and their unwavering passion and dedication to helping children reach their full potential. When we recruit, we don’t just look at qualifications and experience; we also seek out those with enthusiasm, motivation, and a genuine love for children.

My personal aim and passion are to ensure we offer a high-quality, caring, and safe childcare setting where children are encouraged to play, learn, and grow. It’s my commitment to provide exceptional care for your child, supporting them every step of the way to reach their full potential.

Our staff’s primary focus is your child’s safety and individual growth. We want their time at Stepping Stones Nursery to be happy and enjoyable, filled with opportunities to develop and thrive.

I take great pride in the strong relationships we build with families. As partners in your child’s learning journey, I encourage you to join us at any time to share information, ideas, and comments, or simply to spend time with the children. I truly believe that our close relationships with parents and carers help give children the best possible start in life. I look forward to working with you to make this happen.”




1.  The leadership at the pre-school is inspiring and there is an enthusiastic and dedicated team of staff, who are passionate about improving outcomes for children.

2. Children are very happy and have excellent manners and behaviour. Staff are incredibly effective at supporting children to settle at the pre-school and help them manage their feelings.

3. The staff provide an innovative and challenging environment for children. They are extremely adept at developing the experiences children have to ensure they meet their constantly evolving needs.

4. Children are extremely independent. They enjoy developing their problem-solving skills.



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